Ein rotes ITURRI Feuerwehrauto, welches bei Nacht über eine Brücke fährt


Breathing Protection Truck-Witten

Breathing Protection Truck-Witten


Sandwich box body

technical specifications


  • Sandwich box body
    The body is divided into:
    - Work compartment: accessible via door on the right-hand side
    - Equipment compartment: lockable with 2 roller shutters (right)
    - Separation of the two compartments by a sliding door
  •  Foldable steps
  • 4x Substructure boxes


  • Box awning with support
    Width: approx. 6,000 mm, length: approx. 3,000 mm
  • Rear-Slide-in stairs with insertable railing

Product name GW-A
Chassis Volvo FL 250 4x2 (FL42R)
Engine power 188 kW (257 HP) Euro 6
Length [in mm] 8050
Width [in mm] 2550
Height [in mm] 3300
Wheelbase [in mm] 4400
Gross vehicle weight [in kg] 12

  • Power generator
  • 2x folding tents 4 x 4 m
  • Auxiliary heating 2 kW
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Hygiene station
  • Compressor refrigerator drawer
  • Shelf system for storage of 36 compressed air breathing apparatuses


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